Nothing goes better with country music than a nice, strong cocktail. This summer, whether you're ready to soak up the sun or need to get out of a slump, there's a perfect song - and drink! - for you. In celebration of the Fourth of July, coming up right around the corner, we've created a playlist of summer's best country songs and paired each track with a corresponding drink, so get out your cocktail shaker, press play and raise a glass. Cheers!

Song: Knockin' Boots by Luke Bryan
Drink: Whiskey Sour
Luke Bryan got it right with his classic match-ups in "Knockin' Boots." Hair needs to come down, and ice definitely needs whiskey - and more specifically, needs citrus and sugar, too, to make an incredible whiskey sour. Enjoy the cocktail over ice while cranking up the American Idol judge's latest tune.

Song: Every Little Thing by Russell Dickerson
Drink: Rosé Margarita
If you're ever seen Russell Dickerson sing, you know how high-energy and light-hearted he is as a performer. The perfect drink to capture this essence would be a Rosé Margarita: sweet with a little kick to it. Mix up some sparkling pink wine, tequila and fresh lime for a drink that has "every little thing" you need.

Song: Love You Too Late by Cole Swindell
Drink: Kamikaze Shot
While this drink isn't exactly a cocktail, it's the appropriate drink-of-choice for this song. If you relate to "Love You Too Late" than you'll appreciate a Kamikaze shot to lighten your mood. Vodka, orange liqueur and lime make for one heck of a shooter.

Song: Alcohol You Later by Mitchell Tenpenny
Drink: Tequila Sunrise
There's nothing quite like a Tequila Sunrise to kick off a night of shenanigans. As the song implies, one too many of these might make you rendezvous with your ex (though it might just be the tequila talking). Whether or not we dial depends on many factors, but one thing's for sure - we'll be drinking Tequila Sunrises and singing this Tenpenny hit until the sun comes up.

Song: Backyard by Chance McKinney
Drink: Rub & Rye
Chance McKinney makes us never want to leave home again with his new song "Backyard," and this cocktail gives us all the same feels. Appropriately named, the Rub & Rye is a combination of rye whiskey, beer, and bitters, topped off with a rim made from your favorite barbecue rub. Trust us: give it a try and you'll see how this could become a new neighborhood favorite.

Song: To A T by Ryan Hurd
Drink: Gin & Tonic
This song is about a classic, timeless love and there's no better drink than a classic Gin & Tonic to match. Just like the simple ingredients of a G&T, being with your S.O. should feel effortless yet satisfying.

Song: What You Can't Have by Carolyn Miller
Drink: Chocolate Martini
Is there anything more decadent than a chocolate martini? This rich cocktail will make you feel like a million bucks - just like how Carolyn's mid-tempo country hit "What You Can't Have" reminds you to remember your worth. If a bad ex comes back around, just put your pinky up, take a sip and tell him that ship has sailed.

Song: Keep It Simple by James Barker Band
Drink: White Russian
This Canadian country tune transports us back to the 1950s when the world was a little less complicated. Easy listening needs an easy drink, and there is nothing smoother than a White Russian. Cream, vodka and coffee liqueur make for a straightforward, classic drink - perfect for summer and listening to this jam.

Song: Count The Ways by Jade Eagleson
Drink: Dark & Stormy
Don't let an ex ruin your summer. Enjoy the single life! To kick it off, whip up a Dark & Stormy and put on Jade Eagleson's latest track. The mix of dark rum, ginger beer and liquid courage will help you "count the ways" you're better off living your best life this summer.

Song: Our World by Smithfield
Drink: Sangria
Smithfield is giving us serious nostalgia with "Our World." This song reveals that there's nothing quite like young love in a small town, so you need a drink as sweet as these lyrics. Try a fruity sangria for something light and refreshing. Whip up a batch with chopped fruit, dry red wine and brandy and invite your loved ones to have a glass, too.

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