I recently used gummy bears in a recipe, with the few I had left over I tried something new. The result is a quick and fun little recipe: The Polar gummy bears!

Gummy Bears ice cube Vodka
Polar Gummy Bear + Vodka

You need:
• Gummy bears
• Ice cube tray
• Water
• (of course a freezer)

Grab a regular ice cube tray and simply drop a gummy bear in each tray. Top off with water. Easy!

Polar Gummy Bear ice cube

Place in freezer and cool for about 3 hours (until solid). Take out of the freezer and that's it, you've got yourself a bunch of Polar gummy bears! Can you guess what's their favorite environment?

Polar Gummy Bear
Polar Gummy Bear

The Polar Gummy Bear Dive

Just drop a Polar Gummy bear in a shot of fine vodka! Sip and enjoy!

Polar Gummy Bear & Vodka Grey Goose
Polar Gummy Bear & Vodka Grey Goose

A recipe by @CocktailTales !