The Prescription Julep is one of my favorite versions of the mint julep to make. The mellow cognac mixes withe the spice of the rye and the funk of the rum. Delicious. If you only make them with bourbon, time to try something new.

I first ran across this in Imbibe! by David Wondrich. It was published by a doctor in 1857. I noticed that Paul Clarke added a dash of rum to the top of his. It is a great addition. I'm pretty sure I could drink these all day long.

Prescription Julep

1.5oz cognac

.5oz rye whiskey

.25oz simple syrup

10 mint leaves

dash of rum

Add the mint to your cup and simple syrup. Muddle lightly. Add the cognac and rye whiskey. Add ice and stir. Add more ice and garnish with mint sprigs and top with the rum. Drink with a straw.