Libbey's Perfect Collection: All Glasses & Packaging

Libbey is an epic company founded in 1818 and is located right down the road from me in Toledo, OH. They are the number one brand of beverageware in retail with a 58% market share. You likely have some (or a lot, like me) of their products in your home. With $818.8 million in net sales last year, that’s a lot of glassware.

For my grown-up job, I got to attend the Home & Housewares Show in Chicago. There were a ton of great product lines that Libbey was introducing this year but the one I was most excited about was the Perfect Collection.

I reached out to the PR folks and they sent me an example of each of the glasses. With a price point of $24.99 for the Assorted Set or $17.99 for a set of four matching, it’s a good deal for the quality. The glass is on the heavier side which is more durable but has a bit of a chunky feel. The patterns are great and the variety pack is a quick way to beef up your glass selection. Two of those sets and you have 6 theme boozie nights planned and ready to go.


If you happen to be reading this before Father’s Day 2014, there is a special at the Libbey eStore. You get 15% off, if you use the code FATHERSDAY14, when you check-out.

Libbey's Perfect Collection: Bourbon Glass

I tested each of the glasses for general experience with the spirits. The bourbon glass has a fun shape and felt comfortable in the hand. It isn’t overly heavy either. Visually, I love this. I paired it up with Elijah Craig 12.

Libbey's Perfect Collection: Cognac Glass

I have a soft spot for cognac. My Martell V.S. is typically my mixing cognac as I was too chicken to pour some XO for a photo shoot. The cognac glass is a bit on the small size but is scaled to be similar overall dimensions to the other glasses. It is sturdy and like any good snifter adds a ton to the noise of the spirit and allows you to comfortably warm the alcohol in your palm.

Libbey's Perfect Collection: Rye Glass

Being the last photo I took, I was running out of small trays. Enter a rustic photo frame and it almost works. The Rye Rocks glass is a classic look with cut sides and a subtle flair up. I looks classy and you feel like a true American with this glass in your hand. Some Templeton Rye was in order to complete this set-up.

Libbey's Perfect Collection: Scotch Glass

Scotch, scotch, scotch. Classy, warm, sometimes stinky and always delicious. Some Glenmorangie poured into this cut glass shape is guaranteed to impress your guests. This has a touch of English royalty to it and would easily be home with a Irish or Welsh (they exist) Whiskey.

Libbey's Perfect Collection: Whiskey Glass

Two glasses stick out. The whiskey and the tequila. Starting with the whiskey, the glass does not strike me as a typical whiskey glass. It is much more elegant and really elevates something so humble. I paired this up with my hard to find and super warm Colorado Whiskey. It’s premium but has an incredible bite that makes you feel like you are ponying up to a old west bar. Yet the glass transforms it to a three-bit saloon with a fancy porterhouse with all the fixings.

Libbey's Perfect Collection: Tequila Glass

So the top 5 glasses cover off on the major traditional brown spirits. Is tequila even brown? Absolutely. There are so many amazing craft & small batch tequilas out there. I grabbed some El Tesoro. This spirit has a bit of age, a bright taste of agave and none of the fire you get from lower quality tequilas. It totally works for sipping and it will surprise you. This glass is gently rounded in the middle and feels comfortable in your hand.

Libbey's Perfect Collection: The Packaging

For the new home bartender, this is a must buy. It is an instant bar filler and gives you a variety of unique glassware to test spirits. For the seasoned pro, check out the 4 packs for parties. There are even some cool decanters on the way.