Name: Proof Pecan Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup

Notes: Pre-mixed cocktail syrups are a big hit nowadays. I was excited to have the opportunity to review Proof Cocktail Syrup particularly because it is hand crafted in Decatur, Georgia, which is where our site started a couple years back. It is simple to use the cocktail syrup and the way I used it was by adding one part syrup with one part bourbon poured over ice. The result was a high quality cocktail. I could taste a bit of a bitter taste with the cocktail syrup and some zesty citrus flavors such as oranges and lemons. There was a bit of an earthy flavor in there but I didn’t detect pecans or a nutty taste. The syrup smoothed out the bite from the bourbon and I enjoyed the cocktail. I also tried Proof using one part syrup and one part rum. I enjoyed this variation as well and the resulting smooth cocktail. The flavor of the cocktail was good and it tasted like a cocktail from a top notch bar. From the name, I was expecting a bit more pecan flavor which would have been nice. If you are interested in trying a cocktail syrup that can easily craft a unique cocktail at home, I would give this syrup a go. Out of the pre-made cocktail syrups I’ve tried, Proof is one of the stand outs. Proof is also available in Traditional and Maple Bacon flavors. Each bottle makes 32 drinks and for $22 a bottle that is tough to pass up. Proof Cocktail Syrups would be excellent for entertaining guests or just to have on hand for yourself. Since my review, I have been using proof to make variations on several cocktails and adding some garnishes. I have enjoyed experimenting with the product and the results I’ve been getting.


History:  Proof Old Fashioned Cocktail Syrup was created by bartenders at The Pinewood in Decatur, GA who wanted to enjoy a high quality cocktail experience at home, without the hours of prep work. Proof Old Fashioned syrup uses two different oleo saccharums made the traditional way with added bitters, so you and your friends can have the highest quality cocktail without the prep work.