Pumpkins Fall Off Bar Stools, Too! (aka Midori and Frozen Orange Juice Cubes)

This cocktail looks like an upside-down pumpkin – which only happens when they fall off bar stools!

1.5 oz Midori

Orange Juice (enough to make 6 ice cubes)

2 drops red food coloring (optional)

This drink is a breeze to make, you just need a little bit of preparation work.

Freeze half of an ice cube tray with straight orange juice. To give it a brighter color, add 2 drops of red food coloring to your orange juice and it will turn “pumpkin orange.”

Pour Midori into a short glass, and add frozen orange juice ice cubes on top. Stir with a straw or stir stick, and enjoy your Halloween drink as the OJ melts into the Midori. Cheers!

Warning: If you see a pumpkin like the one below, he is probably about to fall off a bar stool…

Pumpkins Fall Off Bar Stools, Too! with Midori, OJ, and a carved pumpkin