Sometimes, it’s rather useful to have a genie lamp handy. This one, by Australian artist Stephen Chin, may not actually produce any genies or grant wishes, but you never know. I discovered the perfect tipple with which to toast this marvelous puzzle in the Difford’s guide, that classic compendium of all drinks new and old. It comes from Wayne Collins, the celebrated bartender from London’s East End who has won Bartender of the Year four times in a row at Tales of the Cocktail. He’s famous for his larger than life personality and storytelling. His Gin Genie cocktail, which was named after the David Bowie song “Jean Genie” (very clever), won Drinks International’s cocktail challenge in 2001. It’s the perfect combination of gins, lemon and mint. Anything with sloe gin is a winner this time of year and it adds a pleasant pop of color for the fall. Now, if I can just get my Genie Bottle to make me one of these. Cheers!


Gin Genie by Wayne Collins

1 ½ oz London Dry gin

1 oz sloe gin

1 oz fresh lemon

½ oz simple syrup

8 mint leaves


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