This puzzle called “POD,” by Karakuri Creation Group artist Hideaki Kawashima, is a little box with a large secret. To honor one of my favorite artists, I thought I would toast with one of my favorite cocktails. I’ve written about the storied “daiquiri” before, that simple yet simply perfect combination of rum, lime juice and sugar.

In contrast with the frozen, fruit-sweetened, sad slurper served from slushy dispensers in Bourbon Street walk-ups, the original Daiquiri is the simple and elegant combination of rum, lime, and sugar. Hemingway and JFK were famously infatuated with them, and so am I. To prove it, we won’t even settle for one daiquiri, but for this special box, we’ll have two – a pair of daiquiris.

The first uses standard simple syrup and Plantation Pineapple “Stiggin’s Fancy” rum, a potion I have mentioned before alongside a puzzling pineapple. The folks at Pierre Ferrand teamed up with cocktail historian David Wondrich to recreate an old-time pineapple rum the likes of which would have been imbibed in Dickens's day.

And now they have done it again, this time creating an overproof dark rum known as Plantation OFTD (Old Fashioned Traditional Dark, or as it is also fondly known: Oh F*** That's Delicious). The OFTD rum is the brainchild of a team of seven leading rum aficionados led by Ferrand's master blender, Alexandre Gabriel.

Such a rich and tasty rum holds up well to a bit of acidity, and the second daiquiri uses the OFTD rum with a spiced pear “shrub” (a sweetened drinking vinegar) to great effect. Put these two delightful daiquiris together and you’ve got a perfect pair.

Of course, I had to take it a step further (I’m a glutton for pun-ishment), so this is the “Pear of Daiquiris” cocktail. Here’s to contradictory yet interdependent forces, light and dark (rum), magnificent puzzles, and the culmination of our collective experiences. Cheers!


The Pear of Daiquiris

1 oz Plantation Stiggins Fancy Pineapple rum

1 oz Plantation OFTD overproof dark rum

1 oz fresh lime juice

½ oz spiced pear shrub

½ oz simple syrup

Shake together over ice and strain into a favorite glass. Garnish and enjoy with balanced energy.

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