Queen Berengaria


The drink is inspired by the love and marriage 800 years ago between the Danish king Valdemar and the beautiful Portuguese queen Berengaria. The recipe is an equally beautiful balance between vanilla infused akvavit, ruby port wine and a homemade blackberry and lemon verbena shrub. Ingredients such Blackberries were one of the fruits most consumed in medieval times in the nordic countries , verjus also was used during medieval times and lemon verbena It was brought to Europe by the Portuguese and the Spanish in the 17th century.


5cl Vanilla infused Aquavit (24hours)

4cl Blackberry&lemon verbena shrub

2cl Ruby Port wine

Method: shake over ice and strain into a Portuguese traditional black clay cup designed by Danish designer Marcus Vangby

Garnish: Lemon verbena and blackberries

Blackberry and lemon verbena shrub recipe:

1 liter of water

1kg of sugar

225ml apple cider vinegar

125 ml of verjus

450 gr of blackberries

6-8 lemon verbena sprigs

Method: bring to boil water , add sugar and stir. Let it cool down a little add the rest of the ingredients and liquidize all in a blender , then filter and bottle it and kept it in the fridge.

Where to drink it :

Curfew Cocktail bar

Stenosgade 1

Copenhagen -Denmark