Hooray, it’s National Milk Day. (Sorry, lactose-intolerant friends.) We’ve endured all those other, lesser holidays (Christmas, bah) and now the big one is here.

How to celebrate this most milky of days? With a White Russian, of course.

  • What is it?

A cocktail made with vodka, Kahlúa and milk (or cream, or half-and-half if you’re The Dude) and served over ice.

  • Why’s it called that?

The Black Russian (vodka and coffee liqueur) came first. It was called that because vodka is Russian and the drink was a black(ish) color from the Kahlúa. Adding milk makes it a White Russian.

  • How many White Russian does The Dude drink in the 1998 film “The Big Lebowski”?


  • What else do I need to know?

Here's some White Russian trivia to read while you sip.

  • How do I make one?

2 parts vodka
1 part Kahlúa (or other coffee liqueur)
1 part milk or cream

Fill a rocks glass with ice cubes. Add Kahlúa and vodka, finish up with milk or cream.

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