When you attempt to take on a cocktail like the New Orléans Fizz aka Ramos Gin Fizz, it is important that you understand its history.

When you think about New Orléans, you likely think of Mardi Gras, Jazz and the warmth of Louis Armstrong’s trumpet. If you are a cocktail geek like all the writers on this site, you may think of the Daiquiri, Vieux Carre, Hurricane and, Ramos Fizz.

Jerry Thomas was first to put the “Fiz” down on paper for his 1887 Edition of the “Bartender’s Guide”. Look into the bar store if you are interested in a copy.

The New Orléans Fizz or the Ramos Gin Fizz dates to 1888. Henry C. Ramos’s created this variation in his bar Imperial Cabinet Saloon on Gravier Street. As legend has it, before Prohibition, in 1915 up to 30 staff were on at once making nothing but Ramos Gin Fizz’s. That must have been remarkable to see with an original recipe time of 12 minutes of mixing.
The Roosevelt Hotel in New Orléans took on the cocktail and continued its popularity from the 30′s and beyond until today. They trademarked the name “Ramos Gin Fizz” in 1935 to lock it into the ongoing history of the Roosevelt. Do read the history on this iconic hotel that has literally completely re-invented itself time and again through tragedy and sale to become as close to the original as it could. I am not sure this cocktail would still have its popularity, were it not for this hotel’s saga.

Ungava Ramos Gin Fizz

The incredible thing about being a bartender today is that inspiration is everywhere and the distilled spirits of today make all “classics” new in so many ways. Take the Gin renaissance of today. Companies from all corners of the globe are making tasty and delicious gins, rich in juniper and incredible botanicals.

Ungave gin is an intriguing gin and with Canadian roots it already sparks interest to gin aficionados of the big markets like London and New York.

Even to us Canadians it is a bit of an enigma. The flavour speaks for itself and offers something different in this exploding (large) category. Taking a cocktail like the Ramos Gin Fizz and marrying it with Ungava is a natural fit for any Canadian making cocktails.

Ungava discover

The place that serves as inspiration and harvesting of botanicals.

The distinct Canadian and unique botanical set.

The distinct Canadian and unique botanical set.

And now the Ungava Ramos Gin Fizz

Ungave Ramos Gin Fizz

Ungava Ramos Gin Fizz

2 oz Ugave Canadian Premium Gin
1 oz Coconut Milk (Some may call blasphemy here, but it lightens the texture, shake time)
1 egg white
1/2 oz fresh lemon juice
1/2 oz fresh lime juice
2 teaspoons superfine (pulverized raw) sugar
2 to 3 drops orange flower water (maybe 4)

The method is critical to this cocktail, as the higher acid in the cocktail means for a hard time to froth and emulsify the eggs into that foamy topping.
I use one shaker and do it in two stages of shaking. First I dry shake the egg white, sugar, coconut milk and flower water. I then add the gin, citrus and more ice. I have recently read and practiced the “Japanese Hard Shake” by Kazuo Uyeda and this method has served to lessen the shake time by 3/4. It still takes about 3 minutes of shaking but not 12. This is not necessary technique but a lot of fun to practice.
Once you have the ingredients sufficiently whipped and combined, strain into a Collins glass with 3 – 4 cubes of large ice. Allow the whites to settle and then with a soda siphon or can soda, slowly pour down one side until your foamy cap on the cocktail pops out. Voila, the Ungava Ramos Gin Fizz.