Happy Whiskey Wednesday! Today I am bringing you a refreshing and boozy summer lemonade.  I have added bourbon, mint, and raspberry into my ordinary lemonade to kick it up a notch.  We already know that mint and bourbon go hand in hand but adding raspberries and lemonade has really sealed the deal for me with this cocktail.  One great thing about this drink is it’s a showstopper at backyard cookouts and parties.  This drink can be made ahead of time in bulk and put in a self-serve pitcher for guest to serve themselves.  This makes the party so much more enjoyable for the host or the elected “bartender”.  Plus think about a bourbon lemonade drink and pulled pork together!  This combination of my party favorites makes me want to smoke up some barbeque this weekend and pour some raspberry mint bourbon lemonade.  In addition, it is a fabulous father’s day cocktail.  Don’t fret if raspberries aren’t your thing or there are other seasonal berries hanging out around your local farmers market.  The raspberries can be substituted for any berry!  So, buck up and go to your farmer’s market for some fresh berries to make this seasonal lemonade!

Recipe: Raspberry Mint Bourbon Lemonade


1.5 ounces of bourbon

6 raspberries (3 for garnish)

4 ounces of lemonade

1 tablespoon of mint syrup (*recipe below)

1 cup of ice

4 mint sprigs (1 for garnish and 3 for syrup)

Garnish: 3 raspberries and mint sprig


Fill a shaker with 1/2 cup of ice, bourbon, 3 raspberries, lemonade, and mint syrup

Shake mixture until it is mixed and chilled

Add ½ cup of ice to serving glass

Strain mixture into serving glass

Garnish cocktail with mint sprig and raspberries

Yields: 1 serving

*Recipe: Mint Syrup


        1 cup of water                                                                                               

        1 cup of sugar

        2-3 sprigs of mint


       In a sauce pan combine sugar, water, and mint.  Let it boil for until sugar dissolves

       Strain mixture and let it cool

       Extra syrup may be stored in a glass container for up to a week.