This drink has no story... well the Kiwi part yeah... In my trip to Foz do Iguaçu (Feb 2013) I had the best caipiroska ever in my life, it was a Kiwi Caipiroska.... in one of the best bars in the city I will say the name because its worthy... Rafain!
The thing is that this drink was so refreshing and well mixed that it defo became one of my top ones....

But as usual i always make variations, i love experimenting combinations ppl! and you guys know it! This is a strong drink, the original was served in a really wide rock glass, but because of the quantities of my version: The Kiwiroska goes on a highball, and if you are not so "resistant" its better to add more juice and ice!




1 oz Cachaça

1 1/4 oz Vodka

4 wedges of lime

Sugar or simple syrup

3 oz Kiwi Juice

splash of lime juice

Kiwi ice cubes!

garnish: Kiwi "wheels"


1. In a highball glass put the lime wedges and the sugar or symple syrup at the bottom, muddle them, without smashing that much the lime.

2. Add the vodka and the cachaça

3. add the kiwi ice cubes (yes! you have to make ice with small pieces of kiwi inside them!)

4. Add the kiwi juice

5. Grab a mini mix tin, cover the glass, and give 1 strong shake.

6. Add the splash of lime juice

7. Garnish with the Kiwi "wheels" on the edge of the glass, and add some pieces inside the drink as well, as you wish!!