This Golden Age hero needs no redemption. But he’ll take a glass of it anyway. Tonight I'm enjoying a glass of Redemption Rye as the first member of the Flash family, Jay Garrick.

Original Cosplay, WWII Era Flash Jay Garrick

With a scent of light brown sugar emanating from this frontier spirit, I'm struck with inspiration for creating new mixed drinks. Making some classic cocktails from this wouldn't hurt either. Upon tasting I get a really nice hint of malt with a lot of Rye. which is no surprise since the company honestly tell you on the bottle that it’s 95% of said grain. It's also very smooth and would be a great introduction to Rye Whiskeys for those who are trying to expand their repertoire of whiskeys.

With a retail price of $27.99 for a 750 ml bottle, this Rye is not only delicious but also affordable. So give yourself a treat this weekend, or week. I know I'll have some more after my tour of The Great Philadelphia Comic Con.

Don'y worry, I'll be sipping this slowly. No need to rush through it.


Flash Fact: Flash puns are enjoyed more after 3 shots of Redemption

Please remember to drink responsibly.

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