Saliza amaretto 148x300 Review: Bepi Tosolini Saliza Amaretto If amaretto isn’t the most under-appreciated liqueur in the world I don’t know what is. Creme de menthe, maybe?

It isn’t every day that a new amaretto hits the market, but here comes Saliza, a traditional Italian amaretto made from alcohol-steeped almonds (not apricot pits, as many amarettos are), flavored with sugar and colored with caramel. Saliza’s “secret recipe” includes a few drops of brandy in the finished product to make it a touch more exotic.

Can’t complain about Saliza’s authenticity: It’s pure almonds on the nose and on the tongue. Ample sweetness, a light sense of cinnamon and roasted nuts as the concoction fades. That takes quite a while, mind you. As with any sweet liqueur, it’s lasting and mouth-coating to say the least.

I’d hardly call myself an aficionado of amaretto, but Saliza seems to be as good as anything else I’ve experienced in the category.

56 proof. Previously known as Mascarada Amaretto.

B / $30 / [BUY IT HERE]