Platinka vodka bottle 100x300 Review: Platinka Vodka Belarus: It’s not Russia.

Not any more, anyway.

Platinka is a super-premium vodka made from 100% rye and five-times distilled. The twist comes from the filtration, which is done first through charcoal and then through a platinum filter — hence both the name and the giant “Pt” elemental table block on the label.

The results are adequate to good. Light to moderate medicinal notes on the nose, with a sweet undertone. The body is clean and lightly herbal — think green savory spices, plus light notes of mushroom, pine needles, and forest floor. Lots going on, which is rather uncharacteristic of multiple distillations and a heavily-filtered spirit.

That’s all OK, but there’s a long finish here that comes across is slightly bitter, a lasting aftertaste that fans of super-clean vodkas may not thrill to. Overall, a fair vodka, and characteristic of eastern Europe. Mostly I’m just curious how they can afford platinum filters for a vodka that runs 25 bucks.

Currently available in Tennessee and Minnesota. More states coming in 2013. 80 proof.

B / $25 /