Who doesn’t love a cold refreshing beer on a hot summer afternoon?

Whether it’s a citrusy or bitter IPA, a light wheat beer, Belgian ale or even an Imperial Stout for some of us, the summer is well on its way and is only becoming hotter as it progresses. On my own search for the perfect summer beverage this year I was lucky enough to stumble upon Coronado Brewing’s “Orange Avenue Wit” early enough to enjoy it for the summer’s entirety. This year round offering from Coronado Brewing has been, for me, the most refreshing and delightful beer that I have enjoyed all year and believe me, there’s been a lot.

Founded in 1996, the brewery is located in Coronado California and sits off of California’s southern coast, across San Diego Bay from downtown San Diego. This resort-like town, known as America’s “Crown City,” is replete with naval military history and has been a cultural icon for decades.

The Orange Avenue Wit is self-described as a So-Cal take on a traditional Belgian Witbier and was brewed to honor Coronado’s main street, which was once lined with orange trees (Orange Avenue, in case you missed it). Now home to the Coronado Brewpub, Orange Avenue Wit is a superb homage to the classic road in an iconic town.

This California Wit has the unmistakable trademarks of a California beer with its rich flavors and incredible freshness, all of which is a hallmark of California beers (especially hops in my experience). The 2-row barley, wheat and caramel malt make up a delicious framework for which the refreshing orange zest, orange blossom honey and coriander is applied. The finish is crisp yet lingers and the aroma, which cascades from the glass, is like the scent of a flower and puts one in mind of fresh cut grass, BBQs and sand filled retreats.

Coronado has been continually making fresh, wonderfully tasting beers and offers a wide variety of styles, all of which I have found myself to enjoy. What made this my choice for summer has been the depth of character that this beer has amassed from seemingly simple and widely used ingredients. The mouth feel carries enough weight to allow you to sift through the caramel malt, citrus and the subtle traces of spice, yet this beer is light enough to be continually enjoyed. It cleanses the palate while leaving traces of zest, which refreshes and enhances any summer day.