Charles Dickens is one of the most celebrated and well known English authors in history. Most known for his Christmas stories, see "A Christmas Carol," he was also world renowned for his on-stage readings.

It was during his second reading tour of the United States, while staying in a lavish New York apartment, the author was struck with a case of cattarh, an ailment which affects the mucus membranes causing a thick mucus discharge as well as problems with equalizing the pressure in one's ear. In short, he caught a nasty virus with nasty side effects.

Dickens' Landlord provided him with an alcoholic remedy (what better way to alleviate and heal an ailment) which Dickens later described in the following quote;

My New York Landlord made me a "Rocky Mountain Sneezer," which appeared to me to be compounded of all the spirits ever heard of in the world, with bitters, lemon, sugar, and snow. You can only make a true "sneezer" when the snow is lying on the ground.

Like the name suggests the cocktail was suppose to cure sneezing, Dickens claimed it had little to no affect on this and we concur with his findings. However, it does an excellent job of warming the inside while dulling the senses.