by Jordan Catapano

Rosemary Whiskey Sour Moonshine

Your entire home will begin to smell like winter as soon as you start muddling a little sprig of rosemary. This recipe is fantastically easy to make and takes only a few minutes to put together. If you’re looking for holiday gift ideas, consider tucking this recipe into a card along with a bottle of The Original Moonshine Whiskey. The authentic looking jug shaped bottle consistently delights people and the taste is seriously amazing.

Rosemary Whiskey Sour
2 ounces The Original Moonshine Whiskey
2 ounces sweet and sour
¼ sprig of rosemary

Directions: Wash the rosemary and then drop it into a martini shaker. Add in The Original Moonshine Whiskey and the sweet and sour. Muddle the rosemary for about ten seconds, or longer if you want a more dramatic rosemary taste. Strain the liquid into a glass filled with ice and serve.