I stole this picture from their website :)
ARÔME 28 exhibits an elegance that lingers to reveals toothsome, luscious aromas and flavors that build in your experience and leave you wanting another sip; this rum is a beautiful achievement, it is lovely to share and easy to enjoy.

Aromas begin with deep wood characteristic, polished leather, wonderful baking spice and all of the other scents that you would expect--vanilla, caramel, and some you may not expect.

The flavors swirl around tea, maple, clove, nutmeg, caramel, sea salt, roasted nuts, leather and tobacco. What is impressive is the depth, coupled with the balance. This is definitely something you will have to try on many occasions, but be prepared to be surprised each time.

The finish is exquisite, the gracious mouth-feel slowly fades to a clean restatement of the many flavors and exposing supple demonstrations in a slight sweetness. The lingering resolves far at your back palate, with a nice warmth.

Overall this is a great rum and a fantastic package.

I pour this at a VIP Tasting and the 100 or so people that tasted it all agreed that it was marvelous.

Each bottle is numbered and includes serialized metal labels. This is a very nice presentation and this production run is limited to 500 bottles.