Running Paparazzo


Ingredients :

6 cl Mount Gay XO Rum

3 cl Espresso coffee

3 cl Blackcurrant puree

3 cl Banana honey

2 cl Dry Madeira Wine

2-3 Drops of raisin & walnuts bitters

Method: First, scent the cup with smoke from bourbon wood chips, and put the lid on to keep the scent. Then, shake all the ingredients over ice, and strain into the cup. Close with the lid and serve.

As a vintage bar gear collector, I had in my collection a camera flask from 1930s where, during prohibition time, alcohol was hidden. I got inspired by this vintage camera flask to create a cocktail, but decided to look for a modern day gadget to symbol the flask, and surprisingly there was a camera cup to match. Inspired by this, I created a cocktail based on pairing flavours which were connected to the photographers morning drink - coffee. The pairing flavours in the recipe work together with coffee and they all connect perfectly in the Running Paparazzo. The smoke, apart from giving the extra smoke scent, applies as a surprising first impression to the cocktail, and brings to mind the undercover paparazzo snapping away pictures.


Where to drink it :

Curfew Cocktail Bar

Copenhagen -Denmark