It's a very exciting day! We are launching our second Kickstarter campaign! For over a year, we have been shipping delicious craft cocktail kits to our monthly subscribers. We're excited to release our new line of "Mini Kits" at a lower price, which contain everything you need for 4-6 servings of one classic cocktail without the alcohol.

No alcohol, you ask? That's right, here's why:

  • Now you can enjoy expertly crafted recipes at a lower price.
  • You can shop for spirits at the price point you choose or include spirits you already have.
  • If you want to give one of our mini kits as a gift, it's perfect.
  • It's great as a stand-alone gift, or you can add a bottle of their favorite booze.
  • We can ship our mini kits anywhere in the U.S.
  • Shipping costs are cheaper since you won't have to cover the cost to have I.D. checked at the time of delivery.
  • Plus, you won't have to be home to sign for your package and show I.D.
  • Flexibility! The recipes we feature can often be adapted to different types of alcohol.

While our full kits are focused on discovering great spirit brands, our mini kits are made for those who want to enjoy classic cocktail recipes with their own choice of spirits.

In our Kickstarter campaign, each of our four mini kits serves 4-6 servings and includes: a recipe for a classic cocktail a bottle of artisan simple syrup, mixers, bitters, juices or other ingredients needed to bring your recipe to life garnishes, signature SaloonBox stirrers and an occasional bar tool like a jigger or stainless steel infuser ball.

We'll be selling our kits for $22 each plus shipping on our website at the end of November. This is your chance to support our project and get rewards at a discounted price. And we'll be giving our first 50 supporters at each level an additional discount as part of our Early Bird Special Offer.