Santis Dreifaltigkeit Peated Swiss Whisky Review

Santis Dreifaltigkeit Peated Swiss Whisky is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a single malt created by one of Switzerland’s new whisky distilleries and they gave it the Isaly treatment. They peated the barley with Swiss peat to give it a unique character, which they’ve definitely achieved.

In Santis’ Words: Santis Dreifaltigkeit Peated Swiss Whisky

“it’s truly amazing: the oily film is mild on the palate, and yet there’s enough of it to cover the mouth. Then comes a smoky mixture, both woody and earthy, followed by a faint taste of caramel. A hint of undefinable fruitiness emerges, whilst the tongue is tickled by spices. We’re dealing here with something of such controlled, enormous magnitude and pure class that you can do nothing but sit back and enjoy this whisky with a combination of pleasure and deep awe.”

You can see the score so you already know how I feel about this, but if you’re still interested in the details of the Santis Dreifaltigkeit Peated Swiss Whisky review scroll on down.

Santis Dreifaltigkeit Peated Swiss Whisky Info

Region: Switzerland

Distiller: Santis
Mashbill: 100% Malted Barley
Cask: “Oak”
Age: NAS
ABV: 52%

Price: $70

Santis Dreifaltigkeit Peated Swiss Whisky Review

Deep red

Wood smoke, candy sweetness, waxy, anise and cinnamon with light notes of peppermint and mushrooms. The aroma is fantastic, it’s like all the holiday smells of November and December shoved into one bottle.

Solvent-like spirit, meat cooked over a campfire, mushrooms, burnt cocoa, nutmeg and a light peppermint, but not real. It all tastes artificial and like it’s coated in a thin layer of plastic.

Long fade of artificial mushrooms and smoke that fades to a solvent-like spirit.

Not balanced, medium body and a dry chalky feel.

The aroma of the Santis Dreifaltigkeit (peated Swiss whisky) is magical; it takes me back to winters in Utah. The smells of fall holidays mixed with mountain air and fireplaces. This is a memory in a glass for me and I want to sniff and sniff and sniff… but then I sipped. Damn what a letdown.

The palate and finish of the Santis Dreifaltigkeit destroyed this whisky. The nose was a solid B+, but the flavor killed it. It’s a plastic coated, solvent driven, artificial abomination of what was happening in the aroma. There was nothing good or enjoyable about the palate and finish and if it weren’t for that incredible nose it would have been a D whisky through and through… damn.

SCORE: 73/100 (C-)

Santis Dreifaltigkeit Peated Swiss Whisky Label

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