Say Hello To BYEJOE

It’s the most consumed spirit in the world and you’ve probably never heard of it… until now. Meet Baijiu, a spirit of China which, until now, has had little presence in the US. Residents of China drink Baijiu to celebrate, congratulate, seal a deal… whatever it may be, a bottle of Baijiu is on hand. Byejoe is a brand of baijiu rapidly penetrating the US market. This clear, 80 proof spirit is distilled from red sorghum, a gluten-free grain high in antioxidants, protein, and vitamins. In China, the Baijiu consumed is typically 110 proof, but in order to become more mainstream, the makers of Byejoe decided to lower the proof as well as pass the baijiu through another filtration removing all the impurities, and leaving it with a smooth taste and finish.

There are currently 2 kinds you can find here, the original Byejoe Red and the flavored Byejoe Dragon Fire. Unlike flavored vodkas which are being introduced daily, Byejoe Dragon Fire is the first flavored baijiu. Using Asian influences, Dragon Fire is infused with dragon fruit, lychee and fresh hot chilis. It isn’t in every state yet, but here in New York, we’re lucky to be among the first. You can find this spirit at top Chinese restaurants and used in cocktails such as the Byejoe Gimlet (Byejoe Red shaken with Fresh Lime Juice, Lemongrass Syrup & Macao Five-Spice Bitters) at Macao Trading Co. or the Longevity (byejoe, lychee, blood orange, dragon fruit) at Buddakan. Want to experiment with Byejoe in your own home? Grab a bottle at Eber's Liquor & Wine in Crown Heights, Brooklyn or order online at One sip and you’ll understand why this is the most consumed spirit while wondering ‘what took us so long?’.