This wasn't easy.  Narrowing my top 5 scotches is difficult enough without being limited by price.  A few different regions are represented here and I hope you won't be disappointed by my selections.


5. Tomatin Legacy: Tomatin distillery's new no-age-statement release uses virgin oak as well as bourbon casks. It provides a new entry level to the Tomatin range but the use of different casks make this a unique expression. $36.95 


4. Johnnie Walker Black Label: I'd be lying to you if I said this wasn't a staple of my whisky selection since day one.  You can't go wrong with this guy on the shelf.  It might seem like an obvious choice, but you know you love it too. $39.99


3. Bowmore Legend: No list would be complete without Islay being represented at least once.  For my money, nothing beats this peaty bad boy. $39.95


2. Glenfiddich 12 Year: One word...Consistency.  This may seem like another painfully obvious choice, but when it comes to Glenfiddich, taste trumps pretension every time.  I've never had a less than stellar dram and if I only had $40 in my pocket to purchase a can't-miss single malt, it would be an easy choice.  Somehow the world's most popular single malt manages to remain underrated. $39.99


1. anCnoc 12 Year:  As a Canadian it is nearly impossible to find a bottle of anCnoc at a decent price.  It is criminal what we pay for alcohol in this country.  Therefore whenever I'm in the good ol' USA I make it a priority to track down a bottle of this delicious Highland single malt and make it last.  This is my "special occasion" dram and an easy choice to top this list.  $39.95