The Bacardi Legacy Cocktail of Second Life. 3 years ago Wei De was depressed after seeing his grandma sick and bedridden in the hospital. Her look of fear and suffering led Wei De to suicidal tendencies.


But it is was his family and his friends from industries that saved him. They showered him with encouragement and care, and showed him that he wasn't alone, every member of the hospitality line is a family.

This cocktail is created in celebration of that, as well as to inspire people in their downs and outs. Using barley, which can invoke fond memories in people, a dark roast is given to it, cooked with orange juice in the ratio of 1 part roasted barley to 20 parts orange juice, reducing the total volume to 1/4.

Adding agave and lime to symbolise the sweet and sour phases of life, rounding off with plum bitters, which represents the beauty of resilience. The pulp of the orange is dehydrated with sugar to form a crispy, citrus sweet cracker garnished on a lime shell and freshened with the orange zest.

The other interesting fact of this drink? All parts of the orange is used, from the peels to the juice to the pulp. Yes! The orange gets it's Second Life in this drink, and through this drink, Wei De hopes he can get you thinking about your very own Second Life.

50ml Bacardi Carta Oro

20ml Roasted Barley - Orange Reduction Mix

1:20, reduced to 1/4

10ml Agave Syrup

15ml Lime Juice

2 Dash Plum Bitters

Garnish with Lime Shell, Expressed Orange Oils and Orange Cracker