Shiso is a variety of mint that is used in a variety of Japanese dishes. One may know the Shiso leaf from a sashimi platter, as it is usually served with sushi or sashimi. It has a refreshing lemony aroma, but when muddled it has a slightly bitter lemony quality. I love the nuisance of the shiso leaf when muddled. To highlight and contrast that texture I have used shiso in a gin (London dry- Beefeater) based cocktail with lime juice, and IPA syrup. By reducing an IPA down and then adding sugar one is able to get the flavors out of the beer. All of these ingredients each stand out on their own and producing a complex drink that is simultaneously refreshing, bitter and sweet.

Kurosawa cocktail

Medium to large Shiso leaf muddled

2 oz Beefeater

1 oz lime

.75 IPA syrup

*Shake and double strain into a coup glass