Essentially this is a Matcha espresso martini of which aged rum is used as the base instead of vodka. Then it's also paired port wine, matcha green tea, a touch of sugar and espresso coffee.

I also recently designed a matcha cold brew (non-alcoholic) ice coffee so this is the counterpart of that. Made with Pyrat rum, espresso, a pinch of matcha green tea, Tawny port wine, Green Chartreuse, Demerara syrup and lemon oils. This drink is as clean as a whistle on a good rainy day ☔️I hope you folks like it, cheers



1oz Aged rum

1oz Port wine

1/4oz Green Chartreuse

1/2oz Demerara syrup

1oz Espresso

1/8 tsp. Matcha powder

Garnish: Lemon oils, lemon twist


Combine all into a mixing tin and dry stir to help dissolve matcha green tea. Then add ice and shake generously. Strain into coupe and add oils