Singleton of Auchroisk Review

This Singleton of Auchroisk is the only whisky I’ve had from the Auchroisk distillery. It’s not a distillery with a big name and I’ve never heard of anyone raving about the whisky so it’s never been high on my list to try. Though it does have an interesting genesis according to Wikipedia.

“…established after Dorie’s Well was discovered and found to have water similar to the water used by the Glen Spey distillery, which was used by Justerini & Brooks to produce malt whisky for their blends. The wells water was used to produce a test batch of whisky at Glen Spey distillery, and was approved, which led to the start of construction of the Auchroisk distillery at the site of the well in 1972 to produce whisky for the J&B blend.”

Singleton of Auchroisk Info

Region: Speyside, Scotland

Distiller: Auchroisk
Mashbill: 100% Malted Barley
Cask: presumably ex-bourbon
Age: 10 years
ABV: 4x%

Price: NA – “Dusty”

Singleton of Auchroisk Review

Light caramel

Dark sweetness with notes of toffee and brittle along with notes of malt, orchard fruit, graham, maple and a sweet berry syrup.

Darkly sweet and fruity with notes of banana, caramel, coconut, butterscotch and cherries. Some light notes of citrus and salinity help to break up the sweetness a bit and give it a bit more balance.

It’s a bit flat and short here with some citrus, orchard fruit and an ambiguous sweetness.

It’s a little sweet heavy, but has a nice full body and a slick oily texture that carries a bit of heat.

This expression of Singleton of Auchroisk came out in 1995, but there have been a bunch since, and isn’t too bad… yup, not too bad at all. I like the dark sweet and fruity notes throughout, but if it weren’t for the notes of citrus, saline and malt it would be bordering on monotony. Truth be told I wish there was more of those notes, it would have helped pull even more balance and complexity into this currently tasty whisky.

SCORE: 83-86/100 (B, not consumed at home)

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