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924c291c886eb05b34c0cdbedc6db4e00606d283.jpg Strawberry French 75

4th of July is quickly approaching and the question of what to serve may be looming over your head. Since we're celebrating America’s birthday, champagne seems like a good idea! So how about a French 75-style drink? The cocktail's namesake is the 75 mm gun the Americans and French used in WWI, because this gin-and-champagne-based drink is said to carry a kick akin to being shelled.

But let’s face it—do you really want your party guests to get totally bombed, so to speak? Didn’t think so. Fortunately, our Strawberry French 75 is equally festive, only it lands a bit more gently. Plus, you can assemble it before your guests arrive and serve it in a pitcher so you can avoid being on bartender-duty all night.


Add champagne

This drink is the summery brainchild of NYC cocktail icon Julie Reiner, who stays true to the French 75's roots with a base of gin and champagne. But this version is softened and sweetened with the addition of fresh strawberries, puréed with simple syrup to fruity perfection, while a bit of lemon juice balances out the sugar with a tart touch. Add ice, a few zingy lemon twists, and sliced strawberries for a fizzy, festive drink that'll keep everyone buzzed but not blitzed.

3285b48750a8dcce574ec8641583ff04b5b9ebcc.png Puree strawberries with simple syrup

To make a pitcher of the Strawberry French 75, check out the recipe and a step-by-step video tutorial here: http://bit.ly/strawberryfrench