This takes the classic old fashioned recipe and makes it not only delicious, but interesting and complex. The fruity orange flavor of the bitters and peel contrast with the smoked rum to make a slightly elevated cocktail.

Having impulsively bought a bottle of rum that I didn't enjoy drinking straight, I tried to give it the old fashioned spin, only to find that I actually enjoyed it a little more than the classic.

2 oz. Stolen Smoked Rum

1 oz. Simple syrup

3 dashes Angostura orange flavored bitters

Orange peel for garnish

Pour your simple syrup in an empty old fashioned glass. Add your bitters and stir. Then add three ice cubes. Not four. Not two. Three. It's enough to make it cold, but takes more time to dilute. Add smoked rum and stir. Twist your orange peel and mix into the cocktail.