This is called "Smoking Avocado". I had fun designing this but took a bit of careful planning. Made with Tequila blanco, Avocado purée (house-made), Passionfruit syrup (house-made), Celery bitters. The avocado is cored out completely and then frozen to keep it preserved for shape and well freshness then, when ready to serve its simply used as a cup and coming straight out of the freezer. Dry ice is then safely placed in a separate vessel below and there you have a smoking Avocado cocktail. I hope you folks like it 👌Cheers.



1.5oz Tequila blanco (El Tesoro was used)

2oz Avocado purée (house-made)

3/4oz Passionfruit syrup (House-made)

2 dash scrappy's celery bitters

Prep: Combine all ingresdients into mixing tin, add ice and shake well. Add dry ice into separate bottom vessel and add 4oz water, add a few pieces of dry ice until you have desired smoke. Place frozen avocado shell on top of vessel and strain contents of mixing tin into frozen avocado shell/skin and place on top of separate vessel. Add straw imbibe and enjoy.