Snoop Dogg may seem like an unlikely spokesperson for a spirit like cachaça, the national spirit of Brazil, but the rapper has recently found a new boozy investment in Cuca Fresca Spirit.

Literally translated, Cuca Fresca means cool head in Portuguese, and in Brazil the expression means “to be cool” or “have a chill vibe.” What could be more fitting for Snoop Dogg, who is now a shareholder of Cuca Fresca, as well as the new face of the company?

"As a businessman, I get involved when I see big opportunities for growth, and this is one of them, " he told CNBC. He could very well be right, considering cachaça is so popular in Brazil, and is also doing well in other markets such as Germany, but is still relatively small in the US.

In a new ad for the brand, Snoop Dogg proclaims that it’s time to “drink different” and “stay ahead of the game.” Drinking Caipirinhas all day seems like a great way to do that.

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