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Dragonfruit + Mint Champagne Cocktail

Beautiful in colour(s) yet mild in flavour, dragon fruits are a peculiar and intriguing fruit. I am always looking for ways to incorporate them into cocktails, whether it be as a garnish or muddled into the drink itself. Today’s cocktail is like a mint julep meets champagne cocktail meets summertime. Check out the recipe below.


45 mL Basil Hayden Bourbon (It definitely has a mint/herbaceous element to it!)
15 mL Mint Simple Syrup*
1 dash Bittered Sling Clingstone Peach Bitters
90-120 mL Prosecco**
4-5 chunks of dragon fruit

*Steep mint leaves with a 1:1 ratio of sugar and water. Heat until sugar is dissolved. Refrigerate for at least two hours. Strain out mint leaves and use.

**I’d recommend using Prosecco for this cocktail as some of the primary flavours in many Proseccos are green apple, pear, melon and honeysuckle which lend well to the mint and dragon fruit.


In a champagne flute, build drink directly into the glass. Add dragon fruit chunks, bourbon, bitters, simple syrup and prosecco. Give it a single stir to integrate ingredients. Garnish with dragon fruit, edible flower and gooseberry!

Dragonfruit + Mint Champagne Cocktail
Dragonfruit + Mint Champagne CocktailDragonfruit + Mint Champagne Cocktail

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