These bartenders are in a league if their own. Watch as the wicked awesome ladies of Beantown duke it out for the title of Miss Speed Rack Boston. Watch Jess Li, Sabrina Kershaw, Kelly Unda, Ezra Star, Christina Sylva, Nicole Lebedevitch, and her co-worker Naomi Levy compete in bracketed round robin style competition. From quarter finals to semi finals to finals, competitors go head-to-head in instant elimination rounds. It's like the March Madness of boobs and booze!

In each round, the ladies make a round of cocktails to be evaluated by our amazing judges Colin Appiah, Dale DeGroff, Simon Ford, hometown favorite Misty Kalkofen with guest host Steve Olson. Only the swiftest and most skilled women move forward to the next round until the final showdown. There is only one winner! Find out who won Miss Speed Rack Boston!

Speed Rack is a national cocktail competition featuring the top female bartenders in cities across the country. It's the first competition of its kind to highlight the strong women in the cocktail industry. 100% of the proceeds from each of the events we produce goes directly to breast cancer education, and prevention.

Speed Rack is all over the US and expanding globally!

Check out our website for updates on which cities we are hitting next, how to donate, and how to compete.

Make sure to check out the previous competitions from Season 2 - San Francisco, St. Louis, Tuscon, NYC, and Texas!

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