Halloween (along with cooler weather) gives us the chills: time for a drink that’s as hot as the devil himself. Spiked Mexican Hot Chocolate checks the boxes for both warmth and spice. Whether you’re chaperoning trick-or-treaters or handing out candy to witches, goblins, and ghouls, a cauldron of this rich, smoky, chile-tinged drink will take your night to haunting new heights.

This recipe couldn’t be easier, thanks to high-quality store-bought chocolate milk. It’s already a perfectly balanced base, which makes cocktail-mixing time that much easier, especially if you’re expecting a crowd. Pour it into a pot, crank up the heat, and as it warms add mezcal and a pinch of ground chipotle (eye of newt and toe of frog are totally optional). The smoked chile and mezcal are a mischievous match: you can adjust the measurements depending on how much kick you want in your hot chocolate.

Mixologist Ivy Mix warns that you don’t want to allow the chocolate mixture come to a boil—just let it get steaming hot. Otherwise, the alcohol evaporates (making a fun drink a little less fun) and the milk can scald. So to keep your hell-broth from losing too much heat, be sure to pre-warm your mug by filling it with boiling water. Let it sit until the ceramic feels toasty and you're ready to serve.

Garnish the top with a sprinkle of chipotle powder, which will smell amazing as you tilt for a sip. Finally, strike your Microplane with a block of good chocolate for delicate shavings that’ll melt on the surface. Sounds scary-good, no? Here’s the full recipe and video to make it at home.