While some people go out into the field to pick apples for their pies and pumpkins in an attempt to create some form of Halloween decoration, it's safe to say that I'm the last person that you'll find out in a field; unless there's wine involved, then of course I'll hop out into questionable outdoor fields. On the note of fields, Winc has their own theory about them... and yes, there's wine involved.


Photo courtesy of Winc

In short, Winc's Field Theory is a group of wines from California that consist of varietals from an array of unknown places. All of the wines in this collection are made from grapes within the Enz Vineyard in the Lime Kiln Valley with the wines themselves encasing the nature of the environment in which they come from. The line has two main wines; there's the 2016 Field Theory Mourvèdre which retails for $38, and then there's the 2016 Field Theory Cabernet Pfeffer, which retails for $40.

The difference between the two wines would be that the 2016 Field Theory Mourvèdre bottle can best be described as being textured and rustic while Winc's 2016 Field Theory Cabernet Pfeffer is on the stronger and luscious side of things. Winc's 2016 Field Theory Mourvèdre has an alcohol content of 13.9% ABV and pairs well with pasta with any and all red sauces, and comes in clutch with tasting notes of anise, eucalyptus, and black currant; the bottle's meant to be served in a decadent manner, which is something that's far above my caliber. On the other hand, Winc's 2016 Field Theory Cabernet Pfeffer brings an alcohol content of 15.5% ABV to the table, has tasting notes of black cherry, cedar, and pepper, is meant to be served in a chill manner, and is best paired with some good old 'za..... who doesn't love za?

Whatever you do, I'd suggest picking up both bottles for sampling purposes... and if anyone asks why, just say that you need to add to your barely visible wine collection that you swear you have, but not really since you tend to drink your wine the second that you get it.