It's been one long Winter here in NYC! Spring started about a month ago. Supposedly! Almost everyone I know has a bout of Spring Fever! We want to be outdoors in the sun, have an alfresco dinner and sip a wonderful cocktail or two or three! Something light and refreshing and easy to drink .Energy and cheerfulness are in the air! We're also a bit restless and oh so tired of bundling up in layers of clothing! I created my cocktail Spring Fever to be the type of drink that's cool and refreshing on a lovely Spring day. You can make it as a single drink and it's also great to make it in batches and take it along on a picnic or serve at a barbecue or dinner party. I start with Hangar 1 Mandarin Orange Blossom Vodka. They infuse the actual mandarin blossoms in the vodka so it's quite floral and has a delicious citrus flavor that is so different than your typical fruit flavored vodka. Very natural. I then add some Bols Black Raspberry Liqueur which contributes a delicious fresh raspberry flavor and a lovely aroma and punch of color. Some fresh lime and cranberry juice finish of the cocktail nicely. I then garnish it with a big, healthy slice of orange. So come on in and see me and have a Spring Fever. We'll celebrate the end of Winter and toast to a breezy, fresh, sun filled (hopefully!) and fun Spring! Cheers!