Summertime is here and to change things up from what I usually contribute I would like to offer up a more fruit forward, fresh type of libation which I dubbed "The Strawberry Almondita". As mixology and bartender's cocktails seem to be growing ever more complex the Strawberry Almondita reminds me of the earlier days when fresh and simple cocktails were equally satisfying as well as a lot of fun and bartending was more about the comradery we had with guests and just providing a great memorable experience. However, the Almondita is not without its complexity, the house-made orgeat (almond syrup) takes it up a notch and pairs wonderfully with strawberry and the distinct taste of the agave spirit. Think of it as a strawberry almond margarita with a wonderful profound nutty flavor but also isn't too sweet. May you imbibe well!



1 or 2 muddled strawberries depending on the size

1.5oz Calle 23 blanco tequila

1oz House-made orgeat (almond syrup)

1oz Fresh lime juice


Muddle the strawberries in a small mixing tin. Add all other ingredients and add ice. Shake well and pour all ingredients using old ice into large collins style glass. Garnish with a whole strawberry.

Created and designed by Jason Walsh Mixologist of Nyc