The Subtle Art of Managing a Bar


It can be downright stressful running a bar or restaurant. When you feel overwhelmed and uninspired, I recommend a few steps to get out of your funk.

  • Checklists... When you have a million things to do and feel as if the world is crashing down on your shoulders, write these things down as soon as you are tasked with them and you'll sleep a lot easier. Not to mention it feels great to check it off and know you've accomplished something.
  • Exercise... Yea, I know. It may not be your favorite thing to do. But if you do as little as go for a 20 minute walk, you'll notice that you get stuck in your head and ideas will just fall from the sky and also allow you to clear out some cobwebs from Halloween.
  • Try not to eat the junk... meal planning can be tough, but always remember, you are what you eat. It's proven when you eat cleanly, you'll think more clearly and without that sugar or caffeine crash that happens when you're waiting for your last guests to check out.
  • Tequila... Now there is a difference between taking 5 shots with your staff at the end of the night, or just having one to settle those nerves when you get home to really relax, which can be therapy in itself.
  • Positive thinking... The energy that you choose to exude in the world is entirely up to you. Just know that what you send out will come right back to you, including disrespectful staff and customers.

Happy Managing and keep it light!