Photo; Bernhardina Hörnstein

A while ago, I competed in the Sweden's best Gin & Tonic competition finals at Grand Escalier in Stockholm, arranged by Schweppes and Nöjesguiden - one of few drink competitions for both professionals and amateurs. People had been encouraged to send in their best Gin & Tonic recipes, and a jury had chosen eight finalists from around the country. In addition to making the already submitted drink, all finalists also had to come up with and prepare three more Gin & Tonics, one each with Schweppes' premium mixers Tonic, Rosé Pepper and Ginger Cardamom. The contestants then had to make all four drinks in front of the jury and an audience, with a time limit of five minutes.

It was a fun competition, although I was a bit nervous as it was only my second competition in front of an audience. I think I was a bit too ambitious as well, since I didn't manage to finish all four drinks in five minutes. That's obviously one of the reasons I only came in third place - but I'm still pretty happy with all of my creations. For more info on the competition (in Swedish) including photos, please visit Nöjesguiden. Here are my four recipes for you to enjoy - cheers!

#1 - Show Me The Monkey
60 ml Monkey 47 Gin
15 ml Dryck Sthlm sloe tonic syrup
45 ml soda water

Add to wine glass, add ice and stir gently. Garnish with a lemon wheel and a pinch rosé peppercorns, serve with a straw.

60 ml Hendrick's Gin
1 pinch dried cranberries
1 pinch dried allspice berries
1 sliced kumquat
1 pinch basil leaves

Muddle gently, dry shake, strain into highball glass, fill with ice, top with 120 ml Schweppes Ginger Cardamom tonic, garnish with a basil sprig and serve with a straw.

60 ml Plymouth Gin
1 sliced pandan leaf, approx 10 cm
1 sliced dried chipotle pepper
1/4 sliced pear

Muddle gently, dry shake, strain into highball glass, fill with ice, top with 120 ml Schweppes Ginger Rosé Pepper tonic, garnish with a pandan leaf and serve with a straw.

60 ml Burrough's Reserve gin
2 sliced cocktail tomatoes

Muddle lightly, add 1 pinch dried hibiscus leaves - dry shake, strain into ice filled rocks glass, top with 120 ml Schweppes tonic and garnish with a cold smoked salmon rose.


Photo; Bernhardina Hörnstein