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It’s Friday night. You’re out with your friends, slurping down beers and vodka-sodas. Before you know it, 1 a.m. rolls around and you are starving. The first thing that pops into your head: Taco Bell.

One thing leads to another and you and your friends are hopping in that Uber XL en route to taco heaven. The downside? Eating loads of Mexican food at 2 a.m. probably doesn’t do wonders for your body but is there really any other acceptable time to Run for the Border? (Because let’s not lie: Taco Bell tastes better when you’re buzzed).

We’ve got great news for Bostonians: Taco Bell is now serving booze and there’s talk about opening a Taco Bell Cantina in Davis Square. (For those of you outside New England, there are already locations in Chicago, Austin, Las Vegas and San Francisco). So instead of getting your drink on before the tacos, you can do it simultaneously.

So what can you expect from Taco Bell Cantina? Pretty much all the trappings of a regular Taco Bell, but with boozy drink options. These include Twisty Freezes mixed with tequila, rum, spiced rum, vodka or whiskey, plus an assortment of beers on tap. The menu is also expanded to include shareable plates in addition to the usual paper-wrapped manna from heaven.

Forget margaritas at Chipotle* — we’re getting Twisty Freezes at Taco Bell!

*Chipotle we could never actually forget about you. But you’ve got some competition.

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