In 2005 Talisker distilled some of their mildly peated whisky and put it into their traditional ex-Bourbon casks. Then after a while, it got moved to ex-Amoroso casks to finish out its aging before being bottled in 2015. Hence the reason for the Talisker Distiller’s Edition 2015, and all TDE’s, being labeled a double cask whisky.

Talisker Distiller's Edition 2015

Amoroso, if you’re not familiar, is a cream sherry which is made by blending a sweet sherry and dry sherry together. For example, a sherry maker might take some of their Oloroso (dry) and mix it with a Pedro Ximenez (sweet) and then put it in a cask to mature for a couple years. We don’t know the details of the Amoroso that the Talisker barrels come from, but the sweetening result is readily apparent with this whisky.

Talisker Distiller’s Edition 2015 Review: Details and Tasting Notes

Talisker Distiller's Edition 2015 is an improvement over the 2015, but not as good as the 2010.

In Talisker’s Words: Talisker Distiller’s Edition 2015

“There’s near perfection in the bitter-sweet harmony which is such an enthralling feature of this truly classic whisky, as its crisp peat softens, not to pepper, but to rich, sweet, juicy fruit.”

Talisker Distiller’s Edition 2015 price, ABV, age and other details

Region: Islands, Scotland

Distiller: Talisker
Mash Bill: 100% Malted Barley
Cask: ex-Bourbon and ex-Amoroso
Age: ~10 years
ABV: 45.8%

Batch: 2015

Price: $75

Talisker Distiller’s Edition 2015 Tasting Notes

Rose gold

Oily peat, dark fruit, malt, saline, toffee, citrus, cinnamon and bits of burnt plastic and brown sugar.

Peat, malt, saline, toffee, citrus, cinnamon, burnt plastic, copper, fruit and bits of brown sugar and blackberries.

Long -> Peat, char, copper and fruit.

Good sense of balance, full body and an oily feel.

Talisker Distiller’s Edition 2015 Review: OVERALL

Talisker Distiller's Edition 2015 Review

I love this whisky. The Talisker Distiller’s Edition 2015 is the best version of the TDE since the 2010 which blew my young whisky drinking mind… though that could also be the distortion of time talking; I don’t have any of the 2010 left to compare it to. However, the 2012 Talisker DE was also pretty good, but having just recently killed another bottle of that I can safely say the 2015 beats the 2012.

The aroma here is soft and complex with a solid peat backbone; the palate is darker and heavier with a nice balance that rides it all; a finish that goes on and on and on… It’s good. I love it.

SCORE: 89/100 (B+)

Talisker Distiller's Edition 2015 Review
  • Nose - 89
  • Palate - 90
  • Finish - 89
  • Balance, Body & Feel - 88

Talisker Distiller's Edition 2015 Review Summary

Talisker Distiller’s Edition 2015 is great stuff, truly delicious.

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Talisker Distiller's Edition 2015 Label

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