photo by Amanda Schuster

Hi, all.

It’s been a long time coming. A. Long. Time. Like, longer than it takes to make a round of Ramos Gin Fizzes for the entire crowd at a Jerry Thomas look-alike fan convention – twice. But it’s finally getting to be that time. This will be the last thing we publish in our current aesthetic format. Get set for a whole new look coming in the next week!

Don’t worry – if you’ve missed anything or care to revisit an old favorite article, we are bringing all of our previous content with us, and you should be able to search for it fairly easily.

Please excuse us if we go dark or you come up with a cryptic error message as we finalize the process. We promise everything is peachy – it just might not look it for a minute or two.

Can’t wait to resume sharing all the bibulous fun with you again soon!

Now for a Daiquiri. I like mine with a good cocktail cherry.


Amanda Schuster