For most of us, there's that one spirit that reminds us of a time in which we swore that we were dying and that our final moments were going to be spent drinking that one, evil spirit. For someone like myself, this is where I'd cue in my tequila horror story, but after trying out tequila's cousin known as mezcal, I'd rather not scare the world with my god-awful tequila horror story and would rather share some information on a rising mezcal brand known as El Silencio.

In short, El Silencio is an organic mezcal consisting solely of 100% agave and is handcrafted in San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca by ninth-generation Mezcaleros. All of the agaves that are used are anywhere from 10 to 12 years old, and production of El Silencio doesn't utilize additives or industrial processes.

The nice thing about El Silencio is that they have two different mezcals to select from, and they're known as Joven and Espadín. El Silencio's Joven retails for $79.95 and clocks into the mezcal world with an ABV of 40% while El Silencio's Espadín retails for $39.95 and has an ABV of 43%. The main difference between the two bottles it that El Silencio's Joven is smoother to drink straight while El Silencio's Espadín has more of a flavorful kick to it, thus making it the perfect component to utilize in any of El Silencio's cocktails.

While mezcal and tequila seem to go hand in hand with one another, most of us pass when we hear that tequila's involved. However, given that 2018's almost done with, I say it's time to try new things... and by that, I mean picking up both bottles of El Silencio's mezcals.