Once upon a time, a music artist by the name of Childish Gambino once said 'Vodka for my ladies, whiskey for a grown man.' However, because women are just as strong (if not stronger) than their male counterparts, there'll be rye whiskey available for us all at New York Distilling Company's Second Annual New York Rye Week. Here's what you need to know about this series of events.

The wonderful people over at New York Distilling Company are hosting their second annual New York Rye Week at their Brooklyn home, which is located at 79 Richardson Street right in the middle of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Public events start on Thursday, October 18th and run until Sunday, October 21st.

Kicking off the events on October 18th from 6 to 10pm is New York Distilling Company's 'America's Great Rye Whiskies' event, which is a walk-round tasting of 30+ American rye whiskies including brands such as Ragtime, Rittenhouse, Dad's Hat, and Roundstone. Tickets retail for $25 and are available at ryeweek.com. Next up on the list on Saturday, October 20th & Sunday, October 21st from 2:30pm to 5pm is New York Distilling Company's 'Mastering the Art Of Blending Whiskey' event, where event participants are able to blend their own variation of rye whiskey along with participating in a guided single barrel whiskey tasting, an optional distillery tour, trying a cocktail at The Shanty (aka New York Distilling Company's House Bar), and leaving with a 200ml bottle of the rye whiskey that you, the event participants have blended. Very original. Tickets for this event retail for $45 and are available at ryeweek.com. Happy rye drinking.