the blushing rose - a vermouth cocktail

Since I’m getting a little more in the Valentine’s Day spirit this year (what with my crisped pork belly, scallop pasta and bacon lobster omelette), I decided to make a special drink. This vermouth cocktail is definitely a bit different from your regular cocktail, but believe me, it works. Floral, aromatic and packing a punch, it’s a beautiful pink sip.

Vermouth: an under-used spirit

Vermouth to me is greatly under-used and under-enjoyed by most. My experience isn’t typical. I remember my grandpa giving me vermouth and tonic as a kind of lighter version of gin and tonic. I think it was an excuse for him to have one too! Then when I lived in Catalunya in Spain, we regularly had ‘vermut rojo’ (red vermouth) as a pre-dinner drink. Catalunya’s red vermouth is a bit different from the more common Martini or Cinzano Italian versions. The Catalan vermouth is a bit more aromatic/herbal and drier. Personally I much prefer it, but it’s hard to find. Even in Southern Spain, it’s not that common.

Despite all that, though, this vermouth cocktail is made with the more common clear/white vermouth (extra dry). That said, I think either would work. And since I know you may not even have dry vermouth hanging around, that’s where Drizly comes in, who I am partnering with today as I am excited to be joining their group of Top Shelf Bloggers. We’ve all been there, whether it’s buying everything for a party except drinks or you’ve run out of beer or wine and can’t face heading out in the cold. Drizly is a handy service that can deliver what you need, at the touch of a button. From beers, wines and spirits as well as extras like juice, they work with local stores in major cities to drop it to your door, whether that’s in an hour or tomorrow. And as a Top Shelf Blogger, I’ll be bringing you some tasty cocktails to use your purchases, like this one.

the blushing rose - a vermouth cocktail

How it’s made

I had the thought of making a cocktail with rosewater. The fragrant flavor seemed fitting for Valentine’s Day, and the aromatic flavor of vermouth was the perfect spirit to match. Hibiscus tea has that similar herbal, floral quality so I added some cold hibiscus tea. Push some raspberries through a sieve to keep out the seeds, add a little sugar and rum or cachaça, then mix it all up. It’s best shaken with some ice then strained to make it nice and cool.

This “blushing rose” vermouth cocktail might have unusual ingredients, but the result is a beautifully fragrant, beautifully colored cocktail. It only takes a minute to mix up, then you can savor the deliciousness. And toast the weekend – cheers!

"The blushing rose" – a vermouth cocktail

The ingredients might seem unusual, but this cocktail is a delicious, fragrant combination.

  • 5 raspberries (approx)
  • 2 oz hibiscus tea (60ml, cold)
  • 2 oz vermouth extra dry (60ml)
  • 1 oz white rum (30ml, or cachaça)
  • 1 tsp sugar
  • 1/4 tsp rosewater (or slightly less if you are unsure)
  1. Press the raspberries through a small sieve to hold back the seeds but get the pulp.
  2. Add the hibiscus tea, vermouth, rum/cachaça, sugar and rosewater. Add some ice and shake to cool, then strain into a glass, or else simply stir together if you prefer it less cold.

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