A few years back when I was bartending at Spigolo Scott the chef/ owner asked me if I could create some new cocktails for the restaurant. I was pretty excited and knew that I wanted to do something with rye so I created The Burlesque Bulleit. Rye? Scott asked. Really? Yes rye. Trust me . It's not your grandfathers rye . It's changed. Whisky sales were really climbing. Manhattans were super popular. So I decided to make my own twist on one. It was an instant hit! I use Bulleit Rye for my base spirit. It's distilled in small batches and it's also 95% rye which gives makes it a bit spicy yet it has a very smooth finish. Spicy. Hmmm.... Let's give it just a bit more of a kick. When I first created the Burlesque Bulleit we would use a housemade ginger syrup which was delicious. Then last year at a local spirit event I tasted Barrow's Intense Ginger Liqueur. Wow! I love this stuff! It tastes just like fresh ginger! I have to use this in my cocktail! I also think it's great that it's made locally here in NYC. I also think it's really important to support local businesses. Great product Josh! I knew I needed bitters but I wanted something a bit different. I tasted quite a few and then I decided to use Bittermens Burlesque Bitters made with acai, hibiscus and long pepper. Floral and peppery at the same time! I'm a big fan of small batch products. I then add some sweet vermouth, brandied cherry syrup and garnish it with a brandied cherry and housemade candied ginger. So come in ,sit down at the bar and have a Burlesque Bulleit . Made with whisky, spice and everything nice! Cheers!