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Schnapps is not usually thought of as a bartender's friend - it is assumed to be a sugary relic of the 80's and 90's.

But if you look at classic preparations of Schnapps, there's much more to the spirit than the stereotype.

In the video above Willy Shine shared his take on the history of Schnapps and gave us a few recipes. So get over your biases and watch above or make the recipes below!

Black Forest Flip

1oz Kirsch Grande Reserve Trimbach

.5oz Jägermeister

.5oz Lustau Pedro Ximenez

.5oz Cream

.5 grade b maple syrup

Whole egg

Grated nutmeg & cinnamon

Preperation: Shake strain into chilled glass

Austrian Swizzle

1oz Fords Gin

1oz Kirsch Grande Reserve Trimbach

1oz fresh apple cider

.75oz lime juice

.75oz ginger syrup

2 dash bitters

Garnish mint sprig & grated nutmeg

Preparation: Shake strain & top with crushed ice

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