I designed this cocktail for world peace day. This is called the "Concordia" cocktail which in Latin means harmony. Made with butterfly pea flower infused Pisco porton (butterfly pea flower to achieve color), Stiggins fancy pineapple rum, Coco Lopez creme de coconut, Orgeat almond syrup (house-made), Lavender bitters (house-made), and fresh lime juice. Also the crane garnish is a sign of peace and harmony. I would like to shift focus on our hospitality industry and share how much it has colored my life in meeting wonderful people and sharing cultural perspectives. When I design these cocktails I design it to be shared as I believe food and beverage is the main way in our world which we can exchange cultural perspectives and then gain new insights on how we can live perhaps better and continue to make progress so please don't think of all the fellow bar men and women's drinks out there as just simple drinks for they are not! It is culture and its shared through fine libbey glassware usually 😂 and also through a community platform. On a another note, I would like to urge folks in our industry to take better care of one another, try to understand one another better by taking time to inquire about each other. Let's try not to be so concerned with our titles but rather our message and what we all share in common. Please remember the highest priority is the guest and we exist to serve them and of course there aren't any absolutes so what I said is contingent on acceptable reason. Lastly I'm speaking this from the heart and not just for effect so in that I wish you well and happy world peace day, Cheers 😂 🎉🥂



1.5oz butterfly pea flower infused Pisco Porton

3/4oz Stiggins fancy pineapple rum

1/2oz Orgeat almond syrup (house-made)

1/2oz Coco Lopez creme de coconut

3/4oz Fresh lime juice

5 dashes lavender bitters (house-made)


Combine all except for lavender bitters in mixing tin and add ice. Shake generously, open tin and add lavender bitters. Mix with spoon quickly and and strain into long glass. Add crushed ice till top and add paper crane garnish and bamboo leaf if possible. Sip and enjoy